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VERITONE, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/05/2017
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If we do not address these risks successfully, our business, results of operations and financial condition may be adversely affected.

We have had a history of losses and we may be unable to achieve or sustain profitability.

We experienced net losses of $27.0 million and $6.2 million in 2016 and 2015, respectively. At December 31, 2016, we had an accumulated deficit of approximately $45.2 million. In addition, the audit report for our 2016 financial statements contains an explanatory paragraph stating that our recurring losses from operations and cash used in operating activities raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern. We cannot predict if we will achieve profitability in the near future or at all. We expect to continue to expend substantial financial and other resources on, among other things:


    investments to expand and enhance our platform and technology infrastructure, make improvements to the scalability, availability and security of our platform, and develop new products;


    sales and marketing, including expanding our direct sales organization and marketing programs, and expanding our programs directed at increasing our brand awareness among current and new customers;


    hiring additional employees;


    expansion of our operations and infrastructure, both domestically and internationally; and


    general administration, including legal, accounting and other expenses related to being a public company.

These investments may not result in increased revenue or growth of our business. We cannot assure you that we will be able to generate revenue sufficient to offset our expected cost increases and planned investments in our business and platform. As a result, we may incur significant losses for the foreseeable future, and may not be able to achieve and sustain profitability. If we fail to achieve and sustain profitability, then we may not be able to achieve our business plan, fund our business or continue as a going concern.

Our business is subject to the risks of earthquakes, fire, floods and other natural catastrophic events, and to interruption by man-made problems such as power disruptions, computer viruses, data security breaches or terrorism.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Southern California, a region known for seismic activity. A significant natural disaster, such as an earthquake, fire or a flood, occurring at our headquarters, at one of our other facilities or where a business partner is located could adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition. Further, if a natural disaster or man-made problem were to affect Joyent, and/or AWS, our network service providers or Internet service providers, this could adversely affect the ability of our customers to use our products and platform. In addition, natural disasters and acts of terrorism could cause disruptions in our or our customers’ businesses, national economies or the world economy as a whole. We also rely on our network and third-party infrastructure and enterprise applications and internal technology systems for our engineering, sales and marketing and operations activities. Although we maintain incident management and disaster response plans, in the event of a major disruption caused by a natural disaster or man-made problem, we may be unable to continue our operations and may endure system interruptions, reputational harm, delays in our development activities, lengthy interruptions in service, breaches of data security and loss of critical data, any of which could adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Risks Related to This Offering, the Ownership of Our Securities and Our Public Company Operation

There has been no prior public market for our common stock and an active trading market may not develop.

Prior to this offering, there has been no public market for our common stock or any of our securities. An active trading market may not develop following completion of this offering or, if developed, may not be